Mirror Lake Residents: 

HOA dues were to be paid by January 31, 2021. Unpaid dues now owe an additional $35 late fee.

Liens will be filed in May 2021 against properties where dues remain unpaid. 

MLCA Pool Monitors Needed

If you are interested in a pool monitor position, please email mirrorlake2985@comcast.net. 


Office Hours:


10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Phone:  770-459-2985
Fax:  770-459-2358

Email:  mirrorlake2985@comcast.net

Agenda for 5/18/21 HOA Board Meeting

Mirror Lake HOA

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​​Notice:  MLCA Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Topic: MLCA HOA Board Meeting 
Time: May 18, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 879 0765 9197
Passcode: 083300

Previous Meeting

Topic: MLCA HOA Board Meeting 
Time: Apr 20, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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If you're interested in serving on a committee please contact

mirrorlake2985@comcast.net .

Establishment of Specific Purpose Committees for a period of time to perform & after completion, shall be absolved as needed.  Directors are needed for each committee.

Community Development,
intended to provide direction and opportunity for the advancement of community involvement and the development of community events for all homeowners leading to improved relations and the establishment of a oneness philosophy within the community.     

Finance Committee,
intended to assist the Treasurer with oversight and direction for budget preparation and performance reporting, annual and ongoing audits of financial activities, development of reserve and investment strategies, and assurance of performance of fiscal responsibilities as required by Law and MLCA By Laws.     

Amenities Committee,
intended to provide oversight and improvement opportunities for the amenities and homeowner use of the amenities of MLCA to include pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts and playgrounds. 


Lake Committee,
intended to provide oversight and improvement opportunities for Mirror Lake to include relationship management and compliance obligations imposed by the Safe Dams authority, lake use management, lake aesthetics and fisheries management.   

HOA Management Committee, (temporary committee)
intended to review existing HOA management practices and explore opportunities for improvements to include consideration of continued on-site HOA management or the possible engagement of an external management services provider.  This committee will be expected to provide a recommendation and proposed course of action by the March BoD meeting.

Covenants & ByLaws Committee,
to review/update and propose recommended revisions to ensure functionality and applicability of current technology and conditions.  Committee will also be responsible for ensuring that a master is maintained and all amendments are included in website posting and distributed hard copies.  Declarant/Agent will be involved in approval of revisions/additions.

Grounds Committee,
intended to provide oversight of the maintenance of common areas. This committee will cover areas not covered by the Amenities Committee (e.g., landscape maintenance, weed/feed, Pine straw contract administration/bidding, recommendations on improvements/repair).  

Note:  Architectural Review Committee (ARC) retained per Covenants & By-Laws

Residents you are able to contact your neighborhood representative via email at mirrorlake2985@comcast.net.  Please use your neighborhood as the email subject.