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Conners Rd - 9460 Conners Rd

2018 Pool Season:  
Open:  May 25, 2018
Closing:  Sept. 3, 2018

(Detailed pool schedule posted on pool gates)

Tennis Courts & Pickleball Courts:
Open:  Year-Round; Daylight Hours

Walking Trails and Playgrounds:
Open:  Year-Round; Daylight Hours

Mirror Lake:
We have just completed a designated parking and boat launch area at the dam site along Mirror Lake Parkway.  This was necessary as we are mandated by the Safe Dams Department of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to provide an untraveled area with an acceptable growth of grass for the prevention of erosion.  This requirement spans on both sides of the Parkway, our concentration for now will be the lake side of the dam.  A fence has been erected to restrict vehicular traffic, permitting grass growth.  Sodding of this entire area will begin as soon as we select a qualified contractor for the project.

The parking and boat launch area is for your use and enjoyment. Unfortunately, within one day of completion, someone decided to cut “donuts” on the nicely compacted surface.  This is vandalism.

The Villa Rica Police will be patrolling the area more frequently but we also ask you the HOA members to call Sheryl Brown if you see someone damaging this or any other property within the HOA.

The hours of operation for the parking and boat launch will be 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week.  Access to the area will be locked during the off hours.

Fishing is permitted in Mirror Lake by Homeowners and guests accompanied by the Homeowner.  The Homeowner must have their amenity tags for use at the lake. No boats, other than canoes, sailboats, paddle boats and fishing boats powered by electric rolling motors are permitted on Mirror Lake.