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Have you paid your 2014 HOA Dues?

Effective April 1, 2014, any dues not paid will be subject to an additional $35.00 late charge plus will require the HOA to file a Lien against your property as mandated in our Covenants, cost of which will be to the Home Owners responsibility, all additional to amount of the dues.


To All Residents of Mirror Lake:

Spring is almost here so we will all be in our yards cleaning up the tell-tale signs of the long cold winter. 

Please remember, DO NOT FLUSH OR SWEEP GRASS CLIPPINGS, LEAVES, OR ANY OTHER TRASH INTO THE CATCH BASINS.  This plugs up the storm drains and creates a very expensive flushing bill. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sheryl Brown


Conners Road Update

Finally - the first of many promised projects recommended in the Villa Rica City/Douglas County Conners Road Corridor Safety Study of 2012 has been completed. Traffic directional islands and signs for a four-way stop intersection at Southlake Parkway and Conners Road were installed March 21st. Compliments go to our Villa Rica City officials and local city councilman Mike Williamson for forging ahead without the help promised from our Douglas County DOT. With the opening of the Conners Senior Village over a year ago, and the planned expansion of 60 additional homes in the Village scheduled for later this summer, concern over abating the speeding traffic at the intersection had increased as the weeks and months passed and a number of near accidents witnessed. Now with monies pledged in the FY14 City budget, only the reluctance of Douglas County to authorize its part of the work is holding up the many additional projects recommended by their '12 Study.  That reluctance should be overcome, it appears, after negotiations for additional monies the County Commission feel owed them from the City for a fire department and animal control program service contract are completed.  


Got Potholes?

The City is getting to all potholes on a daily basis, and we are sure that some are missed, because that street or road might not have been traveled by a city employee, or they just forgot to list it. If any residents in the Ward 4 seems to have not gotten their pothole repaired, they can drop me an e-mail mwilliamson@villarica.org, or home 770-459-8091 and I will get it to the city immediately.


Warm Spring Greetings to all!

HOA News from Sheryl Brown

My greetings to you are tuned to the calendar plus the fact we are going on to Daylight Saving Time this weekend, which at least emotionally tells us this long, cold, dreary winter is almost over.

We are commencing our spring common area maintenance starting with new, specially treated mulch replacement to the tot-lot and other play areas, something we do every two years.  This will be followed with the annual pine straw replacement to the common areas approximately first of April, once all the pruning of shrubs has been completed, and yes, of course, weather permitting.

As you get busy in your yards this spring, have a look at your mail boxes.  Do they need painting? Do the numbers and decals need to be replaced? We have a new source for the correct decals and numbers which we will keep in inventory at the HOA Community Center.  The sailboat logo is available at a cost of $2.70 each, you will need two; the numbers are $1.10 each and depending on where you live you will require either 8 or 10 numbers for the complete replacement.  Sherwin Williams Paint store in Villa Rica has the correct color code and paint available for purchase if your mail box post requires this before you apply your new decals and numbers.  If your mail box needs more than just painting it a new black, we are working on a source of mail boxes for replacement you will be able to purchase at the HOA Community Center in short order; check with me if you think you need one.  All the pricing is at our cost, we just want to help where ever we can to keep our community looking good.

Both of the pools are scheduled to open on May 24th this year, our pool monitors are on queue for the summer to make your visit to the amenities as pleasurable as possible.  Please keep an eye on the HOA website for information on the Mirror Lake Marlins swim team sign-ups and practices which will be held throughout the summer, excellent activity for the hot summer months.

Bob Dickerson will be posting various sign-ups for tennis activities and of course he will be promoting his new Quick-Start program he spoke about at the annual meeting.  Again, watch the HOA website for new postings on the tennis program.

As soon as the season permits, you will be seeing activity at the Dam area between the lake and Mirror Lake Pkwy as we get underway with the scheduled sodding.  Please drive safely through the area watching out for construction activities.

Traffic along Conners Road at Southlake Pkwy during peak times has been a concern lately especially since the opening of the Seniors Village and soon, another fifty units to be completed adding to the congestion at the intersection.  I am pleased to announce that with the help of the City of Villa Rica, we will soon have a mandatory four-way stop at the intersection of Southlake Parkway and Conners Road.  This should help to alleviate any potential for accidents at the intersection.

Now on a sad note, we have been experiencing vandalism damage to the flood lighting at Mirror Lake Parkway and Harbor Drive entries off Conners Road. The lights have been replaced and/or repaired as necessary, but as residents of this community, if you see any vandalism or similar activity in our community, please give me a call and report it.  Similarly, if you see any yard signs in your neighborhood or dumping of trash or other despicable activities, please report them to me.

On another note, our 2014 HOA dues were due for payment no later than January 31/2014.  If you haven’t done so, please remit to the office soonest possible, and oh yes, you will have to add $35.00 for a late fee.

Last note – Don’t forget to pick up your amenity tags at the HOA Community center. 

In closing, I do thank you for your continued support and wish you all a very pleasant spring.