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Water Meter Accessibility

The City of Villa Rica (City) has advised they are having a problem with reading of water meters within the various sections of Mirror Lake.  Mulch covering the water meters or shrubbery planted around the meters is the main concern.  Similarly, several locations have planted shrubbery to hide the visibility of fire hydrants from the street.

The message from the City is as follows:
“Ensuring that fire hydrants and water meters are in good working condition are two priorities for Villa Rica’s Public Works staff. The utility crews have to be able to easily read residential meters, and if the fire department needs to use a fire hydrant, every second counts.  So the message to residents is that if they have fire hydrants or water meters on their property, the City asks that they maintain the proper clearance.  Water meters must be clear six feet above the meter box, two feet to each side, and have “free and clear” access. This means the meter readers must be able to scan the meters using a remote truck mounted, Automated Meter Reader. If the meter box is not visible from the street, covered with shrubbery, mulch or other material, the meter has to be manually located, lid opened, read and recorded. 
Similarly fire hydrants must be visible from the street. All obstructions to a fire hydrant must be trimmed or removed, maintaining a three foot radius.  Ground clearance of hydrant ports must be 18 inches to the ground, and of course, a fire hydrant should never be repainted from its original color.”
It is Georgia law that the City adopts with respect to accessibility of utility equipment and fire hydrants located in the Right of Way.  In most cases, the Right of Way will be 12 feet, the approximate distance measured from the curb extending into your lot.  This 12 foot strip of your lot adjacent to the curb is reserved for utilities installation and access and represents the critical area for the City in this message. 
The City has prepared a very extensive list of offending lots within Mirror Lake, however we ask that all residents examine their properties and if your lot does not meet the clearance and accessibility criteria as above, please remedy the situation soonest possible.


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