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Note:  The Forms page is restricted to ML residents only.  Please contact Sheryl Brown in the HOA office to obtain the user name and password.


The swimming pools at Mirror Lake will open on May 22, and all will be in readiness including furniture, new topping of the parking lots, and well-trained pool guards. Safety, as always, will be of paramount concern.

Safety is of paramount concern not only while at the pools but in traveling to and from the facilities. Many of the residents drive to the pools using golf carts and that is encouraged. However, the laws in Georgia and the City of Villa Rica require that any operator of a golf cart utilizing public streets or roads must be a valid licensed-driver. All of the cart paths located in the Mirror Lake community are accessed via public streets so these laws apply whether on the paths or streets.

Observe the law, be safe and have an enjoyable summer.


Spring Yard Sale!


Sat, 5/16/15      8 AM - 2 PM

This is community event organized by volunteers and is held once per year.  This is not an HOA event.   Please do not contact Sheryl Brown as she does not have answers to your questions nor the time.

Click here for the full content flyer


Annual HOA Meeting

Click here to download the meeting minutes from the 2015 HOA meeting.

Please note the following correction regarding ownership of HOA Physical Assets:

DB Aster III LLC has been working on getting all common property and assets, etc. transferred into the name of Mirror Lake HOA.  The understanding is that the HOA’s physical assets, including the Club House, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools and all Common Property are owned, or should be owned, by the Mirror Lake HOA.  As the Declarant and HOA Board, DB Aster III, LLC controls and regulates the use of such properties/assets pursuant to the CCRs and Bylaws, but they do not own them.


Friendly Reminders from the HOA Office

  • Exterior changes contemplated to your home or landscaping requires ARC approval.  Form for application available on website.
  • Please do not park your vehicles on the street.  This creates a traffic hazard.  Overnight street parking is prohibited.
  • Cars parked on driveway must be cars in use, cannot use driveway for vehicle storage.
  • Do not park vehicles on lawn.
  • Per our Covenants, maximum 2 pets per household.
  • If you take you dog for a walk, the dog must be on a leash – City of Villa Rica Ordinance. Oh yes, if your dog poops, please scoop.
  • Please keep your lawns mowed.  Neighborhood complaints will be addressed with a “Force Cut” of your lawn at a cost to you of $75.00 per cut.
  • You are allowed One “For Sale” sign, Real Estate or By Owner.
  • Absolutely no political signs allowed anywhere within Mirror Lake, includes private or HOA property.
  • Mailbox post colors are available at Sherwin Williams downtown Villa Rica and sail boats and street numbers are available for sale at the HOA office.


Got Potholes?

The City is getting to all potholes on a daily basis, and we are sure that some are missed, because that street or road might not have been traveled by a city employee, or they just forgot to list it. If any residents in the Ward 4 seems to have not gotten their pothole repaired, they can drop me an e-mail mwilliamson@villarica.org, or home 770-459-8091 and I will get it to the city immediately.