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Effective Immediately - New Pool Hours

New pool hours are as follows:
Shoreline:  11:00am - 8:00pm
Conners Road:  10:00am - 11:00am Adult Only
11:00am - 8:00pm All Swim


Greetings and Salutations to All

From Sheryl Brown, HOA Manager

Please ensure you have your 2014 amenity tags to be able to use the pools, strictly enforced.  If you have not picked up your tags, come by the Community center during week days between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The usual skirmish surrounding the opening of the pools was made easier this year thanks to the Pool Monitors who have been with us for several years; most are back to assist us this summer. The Monitors responsibilities are to check amenity tags at the gates and make sure the rules are being followed to insure a pleasant pool experience.  Kathy Kirk is looking after the scheduling and shift rotation of the pool monitors again this year.  The Marlins Swim Team is active at the Conners Road Pool with Coach Valerie Missick.

The Tot-Lots received a renewal of mulch in the play areas during April.  Our Pine Straw was a little late this year, most of it put down during last week of May.  This means all the common areas, and buffer areas have been renewed with Pine Straw.

We had hoped that the sod between the lake and Mirror Lake Parkway would have been done by now, however, sod growth is also late this year due to the cool spring.  This means that we will not be able to tackle this project until the latter part of July according to current schedules. 

We will be doing some remedial work to drainage of the common area behind Nautical Way in Beacon Village in very short order.  The Contractor has been selected; we are now doing some fine tuning to the scope of work before the project kicks off, hopefully real soon.  We will also be doing some alley repairs in this same area.

We are also delighted to be receiving reports that there will be additional street lighting and signage installed along Conners Road extending from Southlake Parkway east to the Mirror Lake Elementary School.  And equally exciting, an extension of the sidewalk/cart path from the Conners Road pool to the Publix Shopping Center along the north side of Conners.  Douglas County has announced authorization of its county DOT to join with the Villa Rica City Services Department to make the traffic pick up and drop off system at Mirror Lake Elementary School more expedient, and that the paving of Stockmar Road extending from where they left off just east of Shoreline Parkway last year to some point beyond Brandywine has been placed on their FY'14 schedule. Also and depending on funding, the repaving and re-striping of Conners Road or part of it to be completed this summer in time for the opening of school in August.

Another project which has kept us busy during the last month has been collections of our annual dues.  We have 1,120 residents within Mirror Lake most of which pay their dues in a timely fashion prior to January 31st.  But we also have those that do not.  To address the situation, there were 97 letters sent out during April to collect delinquent dues, with payment responses from 44 residents resulting in 53 Liens having to be filed.  If the 53 residents do not respond prior to July 1, 2014, Suits for the delinquent dues will be filed with Magistrate Court of Douglas County.

Our Policy for Association Dues and Collection Fees with FAQs and Association Collection Policy is posted on our website.  As per our Covenants, we adhere to this procedural series of steps to collect our dues culminating in garnishment if necessary in an effort to maintain our annual assessment for dues, as we have for the past seven years.

Meanwhile, those who have not paid their dues are restricted from using the HOA amenities, tags will not be issued until paid in full.


Conners Road Corridor Safety Study Status

 NEW! Update June 2, 2014

Tom Worthan, Douglas County Commission Chair in response to Mirror Lake resident Dennis Brown's question regarding the status of the County's position on the 2012 Conners Road Corridor Traffic Study project list at the Commission work session of Monday, June 2, instructed Randy Hulsey, Director of the Douglas County Department of Transportation, to gain an up-dated list from the City of Villa Rica of priority road projects produced by the Study. Further, to add those projects to the FY '14 DOT work schedule.  It was suggested to Brown that additional street lighting should be coordinated with the power company servicing Conners Road. 

In a subsequent conversation June 3rd with Mike Williamson, Villa Rica Ward 4 Councilman, it was announced that plans were already underway by the Villa Rica City Services Department to extend the cart path/sidewalk along the north side of Conners to include the section between the Conners Road pool and Publix Shopping Center. And likewise, that discussion had already been initiated by the City with GreyStone, the electric service power company that services the Conners Road in Douglas County corridor.

Prepared 5/1/14 for presentation at a ML HOA meeting

Two years ago the Douglas County DOT in cooperation with Jeff Reese of our Villa Rica administrative staff completed a very impressive and comprehensive study of what was needed to improve the safety conditions along Conners Road between Liberty Blvd and the Mirror Lake Elementary School at Tyson Road. The Study was completed at our urging because of the senior traffic that would be generated by the new Conners Road Senior Village scheduled to open shortly thereafter and our learning that no consideration had been given at either the County or City level of the fact. There were over 50 recommendations made in that Study. Further, it is our understanding that an agreement was reached quickly regarding those projects between Douglas County and our town of Villa Rica to work cooperatively on both prioritizing the recommendations, and taking action on them as quickly as possible. Our understanding is that the agreement had Villa Rica providing materials needed, and Douglas County the labor as confirmed by Randy Hulsey, Douglas County DOT Director in an email to Miriam Guider our Douglas County Commissioner of Friday, December 27, 2013 when he wrote  "DCDOT participation was limited to the preparation of the study and providing labor and equipment resources for the project. The City of Villa Rica was to pay for all materials and other direct costs."

For over a year and a half the Study sat on a shelf with no visible or tangible action taken. However, in fairness to the city, Villa Rica has budgeted monies annually for the project for the last two years - over $100,000 for Fiscal Year 2014 alone. Hulsey told me in the County Commission meeting of January '14 that the projects are on their County DOT list but he had not been authorized to place them on his department work schedule. 

Finally two month ago the City took unilateral action and addressed our main concern, slowing down the speed of traffic passing by the new Conners Road Senior Village by adding two traffic directional islands and initiation of a four-way stop intersection. Notice I said "unilateral" for there was no assistance from Douglas County in this work. We owe our mayor Jay Collins, Pat Crook our new City Manager and Jeff Reese Assistant City Manager, but especially our new Ward 4 City Councilman Mike Williamson for this important step - and it has proven effective in doing what it was intended to do .... slow down the speeding traffic at that intersection. 

Now what about the balance of those recommendations - specifically improved lighting along Conners Road, better signage, improved directional pavement markings, redirecting access to Conners from the Publix Shopping Center, but most of all, attention to traffic safety issues at Mirror Lake Elementary School?

I can only report that the Villa Rica City FY '14 budget does have two line items addressed to the Conners Road Study - both over $100,000. First, the recommendations in general included in the study. And second, to be directed specifically to lighting along the category. 

While nothing specific has been said about why the hold-up on Douglas County's part, one can only surmise it is because of other ongoing negotiations between Villa Rica and Douglas County. And as Forest Gump said in a movie of the same title - "that's all I have to say about that."


Got Potholes?

The City is getting to all potholes on a daily basis, and we are sure that some are missed, because that street or road might not have been traveled by a city employee, or they just forgot to list it. If any residents in the Ward 4 seems to have not gotten their pothole repaired, they can drop me an e-mail mwilliamson@villarica.org, or home 770-459-8091 and I will get it to the city immediately.