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2015 Electrofishing Report.

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Golf Cart Ordinance (effective 8.1.15)

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2016 Home Owner Dues

It is the responsibility of your homeowners association’s board to set a budget each year, which includes the monthly income from homeowners, or association dues. While raising dues is never popular, it is a necessary step to properly maintain your community—and maintain the property values of those who are part of it.


Preparation of the 2016 Budget has made it apparent the 2016 HOA Dues need to be increased to meet our expenses for the coming year. Dues have remained very constant at $425.00 since 2007, but rising costs over the last nine years have compelled the review and increase for the coming year. 


Consequently the dues are being increased to $450.00 per annum for 2016.  A copy of the 2016 Budget with the new dues assessment will be included in the mailing to all residents scheduled for dispatch approx. December 15, 2015.  This will also be a topic of discussion at the Annual Meeting scheduled for January 19, 2016.


Mirror Lake Community Association, Inc.


Update for Notice of Road Closure in Mirror Lake

Further to our September 9, 2015, advisement of the closure of that portion of Mirror Lake Parkway that traverses the dam at Mirror Lake, please be advised this will not take place on December 1, 2015 as initially announced. 

The City of Villa Rica and Mirror Lake Community Association, Inc. (the “HOA”), are currently in negotiations to resolve the issues related to the City’s acceptance of the entire Parkway as a public road; and the HOA is hopeful a mutual resolution is imminent.  Therefore, the portion of the road that traverses the dam at Mirror Lake is now scheduled to be closed by the HOA at 5:00 PM on December 18, 2015.

Please note while the HOA and its Board work towards a solution with the City of Villa Rica, our top priority and concern remains protecting Mirror residents from unnecessary or excessive risks, liabilities, and costs. 

Mirror Lake Community Association, Inc.


Golf Course Cart Paths

The Mirror Lake Community and the Mirror Lake Golf Club (now part of the ClubCorp family), complement one another, both benefiting  immensely from each other while providing Mirror Lake residents with a golf community that is second to none. It is almost impossible to imagine Mirror Lake Community without an amenity such as this pristine 36 hole golf course. While the golf course serves as a major amenity to Mirror Lake Community, it is a separate, private, and independent business operation.  The network of cart paths associated with the golf course is located on privately owned golf course property. Albeit tempting, the cart paths are not to be used by residents as a walking or jogging trail or for access by Community residents’ privately owned golf carts.

On behalf of Mirror Lake Community and Mirror Lake Golf Club, we convey the message to all residents that golf course cart paths are to be accessed and used by registered golfers only, and at all times.  Please respect our wishes and thank you.

Sheryl Brown, Mirror Lake Community Association, Inc. 

Wes Bates, PGA, Mirror Lake Golf Club, Head Golf Professional


Street Parking Alert

The HOA is receiving complaints of street parking that is blocking access to school buses.  If a school bus can’t get through, a fire truck will certainly have a problem as well.  This means that ambulatory access is also restricted.  The Postal vehicles cannot get to the mail boxes. Garbage trucks cannot get through to access trash cans.

Please Note: Only short-term / temporary guests are authorized to park on Community streets overnight. The term “temporary” for purposes of these policies shall be a period of no longer than twenty-four (24) hours.

If the situation is not remedied, you will find that your school kids will have to board the school bus

at the end of the block you live on or at main thoroughfare closest to your home.  In some areas, this is already happening because residents refuse to park their cars off the street.

We ask for your cooperation – Please do not park your vehicles on the residential streets!

Thank You

Sheryl Brown


Illegal Dumping Alert

From time to time, homeowners will place their clippings, tree limbs, shrubs, etc., on a vacant lot across the street or HOA common area, for City of Villa Rica weekly pickup.  We have checked with the City of Villa Rica, finding out they will not pick up from vacant lots or common areas.  The main reason is that placing items to be picked up on vacant lots and common areas encourages “illegal dumping” by those outside your area. Therefore please place at the curb on your lot only to ensure pickup.  If you do see anyone dumping onto a vacant lot or common area, please get a tag number and report this to the City of Villa Rica.

Thank You

Sheryl Brown, Manager


Tennis Anyone?

Coach Bob Dickerson has kept the tennis courts at the Club House busy as usual this season.  The proud youngsters you see in the photo represent just one small group of Mirror Lake Residents that have taken part in this year’s tennis agenda.  The HOA repaired the retaining wall in the photo background plus the adjoining two sides earlier this summer; Coach Bob took on the job of painting.  Thanks Bob!

Note the new aluminum bleachers in the photo at the south end of the courts.

There are two new sets of bleachers for your tennis enjoyment or a nice spot to cool when you are on your walk around the Community.

Sheryl Brown, Manager


Marlins Bring Home the Trophy!

Congrats to all the Marlins on a great 2015 swim season!  The team placed 3rd in the league, their best finish ever! 

Sheryl Brown, Manager


Friendly Reminders from the HOA Office

  • Exterior changes contemplated to your home or landscaping requires ARC approval.  Form for application available on website.
  • Please do not park your vehicles on the street.  This creates a traffic hazard.  Overnight street parking is prohibited.
  • Cars parked on driveway must be cars in use, cannot use driveway for vehicle storage.
  • Do not park vehicles on lawn.
  • Per our Covenants, maximum 2 pets per household.
  • If you take you dog for a walk, the dog must be on a leash – City of Villa Rica Ordinance. Oh yes, if your dog poops, please scoop.
  • Please keep your lawns mowed.  Neighborhood complaints will be addressed with a “Force Cut” of your lawn at a cost to you of $75.00 per cut.
  • You are allowed One “For Sale” sign, Real Estate or By Owner.
  • Absolutely no political signs allowed anywhere within Mirror Lake, includes private or HOA property.
  • Mailbox post colors are available at Sherwin Williams downtown Villa Rica and sail boats and street numbers are available for sale at the HOA office.